Taking out the Head Trash

It happens all the time. You are having your best quarter ever. Then comes the drama.  Maybe you get sick. Maybe a big account blows up. Suddenly, the record-setting month is looking average at best. The people around you are surprised, saying, “Gosh, it just seems like Jack(ie) should be a superstar. I wonder what’s wrong?”  You wish you could tell them.

If this has ever happened to you—well, welcome to the human race. But even if it’s common, it ain’t good.  This plight is as disastrous to the success of a salesperson as the lack of skills. For experienced salespeople, it is usually the biggest part of the problem.

So how do you overcome the demon who has your number? By taking out your “head trash” on a regular basis.There are many skills to master if you want to get your unconscious mind working for you instead of against you. From affirmations to sourcing the problem, you want to be on top of ALL of them.

One powerhouse transformer of the head trash is the process of taking YOU out of the equation. That’s right. It’s not all about you. In fact, when you get that and operate from that place, results become easy.

What exactly does this mean? It means that you stop thinking about YOUR numbers as the primary focus and start focusing on the impact you will make on others. Suddenly the self-esteem issues we ALL battle can’t get in the way because it’s not about self-sabotaging any more.

Our self-esteem holds us in a certain way of being. If your top monthly income in a month has been $15,000, then whenever you get near that, your unconscious starts to pull the reins and say, “Whoa boy, who do you think you are? Don’t you know you’re about to hit your income ceiling? Time to slow you down with a little mess.”

Money is about consciousness. In Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset, T. Harv Eker shares that 80 percent of the people who win the lottery file for bankruptcy within five years! That’s no surprise. They didn’t have money consciousness before they came into money, so their consciousness didn’t allow them to keep it.

When, on the other hand, you decide that it’s not about your income goal at all but about how many people you serve and how fully you serve them, your unconscious programming is no longer running the show. It gets confused. You seem to know no limits about how many people you can help.

With the focus on how many you served and how well you served them, your brain is clear to keep going and going and going. You have no limits. Your unconscious programming may tell you you’re only worth so much money, but your unconscious mind has not taken the liberty to tell you that you are limited in the number of people you can help.

So fool your “head trash.”

You will find that life gives to the givers and takes from the takers and life has a perfect accounting system.

Enjoy your newfound love of being in “wild giver” mode!

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