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Thank God it’s Monday!™ Make it a game! We all love games! Gaming is one of the fastest growing activities that people are doing in the evening. Everyone wants to win that point. So why not create games in everything you do? It’s a wonderful way to trick your brain into having more success and create more results.

Let me give you an example—now calling clients is something you never seem to have time to do. Give yourself points and give yourself one point every time you call a client. Set a goal and as soon as you hit your goal shout “Woo Hoo!” and stand up, celebrate, and ring your bell. Have some fun playing your own game. Will people think you’re crazy? Of course, but you’re going to get a lot better results!

Celebrate your wins and enroll others in the game. In fact, if you don’t think you can play the game by yourself, enroll others to play in the game with you. So, when you call those customers or get projects done on time, you get those points and as a team you can compete against another team. How fun would that be!? Creating a game can radically change the results you get because you keep it fun and you keep your brain focused.

It’s all a game anyways so you may as well call it a game. Have a ball making it all a game!

Have a great Monday!


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