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Thank God it’s Monday!™ Oh those problems… and what’s even worse is those problems that won’t go away! Well what if you reframed those problems as opportunities so you can fix them fast and for good?

Here’s a five-step process:

First, identify the problem to be fixed. That’s easy enough.

Second, frame it as a system problem and this is where most people go wrong. It’s not a ‘who’ problem, but a ‘what’ problem. What need’s to be fixed?

Number three, dive deep into two areas. First identify the root of the problem, and be clear and specific. If you are not clear and specific you will be stuck with this problem forever. Then next, be clear and specific about the outcome that you want.

Four, frame the problem as the system that will fix it by saying, “The solution is to create a system that will…” and then identify the specific outcome you want.

And then number five, create the specific step-by-step solution and identify who is responsible for what.

Or then again, you may want to create a sixth step, which is to celebrate your problem is solved and you never have to deal with it again. It’s easy time for easy street!

Have a great Monday!


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  1. U mnie ten rok będzie wyjątkowo słodki, nigdy nie piekłam takiej ilości pierniczków i wszelkiej maści różnych ciasteczek: kruchych, półkruchych, z białym makiem, z migdałami, z orzechami. Wszystko pakowane jest do puszek i będzie ozdobą Świątecznego stołu lub zostanie rozdane w prezencie:)

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