You Blew It!

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ So you blew it. Well, welcome to the human race. If you’re breathing you’re going to make mistakes. It’s not that you make mistakes that’s the problem, it’s how you handle the mistakes that will define your success and your future.

Most people, when they blow it, pretend like it doesn’t matter. It matters! Your integrity is on the line.

So what do you do instead? You get all about it. You pretend as if it’s a national emergency. You let every person impacted know that you blew it within an hour, and let them know that you’ll have it fixed by a certain time, and get their input on how to best fix it.

Most importantly, show that you care. If you show a conviction that the poor behavior was not acceptable and that you feel strongly about that, people will allow you a ton of slack because you show you care. If you act like it’s no big deal, it suddenly becomes a really big deal because
people around you now think you don’t care and they just can’t trust you. Remember, the mistake is not the problem; it’s the reaction to it that will win you friends or enemies.

Make sure you’re attracting the friends whenever you blow it!

Have a great Monday!


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