Credibility: Establishing Yourself as the Superstar in Your Market – Video

How will your customers just know if you’re the best in your industry? The answer is: They won’t.

Your customers don’t know who is credible and who’s not credible in your industry.  It’s your job to create your credibility. During my brokerage career, I remember there was a gentleman in our town who was not a very good financial planner, but he always wrote an article in the paper. As a result, he was perceived as being the top financial planner in the city. You must be the person who’s out there telling people what’s going on so they see that you’re adding valuable information and are very credible in what you do.

In times like these, people want to know your perception. You’ve got to be out there sharing ideas with people so they know what’s going on. Every time there’s a crisis in your industry, that’s an opportunity for you to call up the television stations, the newspaper and the radio stations and say, “Let me tell you what’s going on here.”

How can you create credibility and become the superstar in your market? By placing articles in newspapers, industry publications and magazines. Or by publishing a booklet on a timely and relevant topic that people care about. Right now, you must be incredibly creative about what you will do to publish something or get in front of people in a credible way such as in print, radio, television or your own podcast.

How will you get your information across and increase your positioning as an expert in your field?

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