Practice Reverse Paranoia

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ People do things for all kinds of reasons. Those reasons are their reasons and sometimes we guess incorrectly about what their intention was. For example…

Your kid isn’t home on curfew so you assume:

A.) He’s in a car accident.
B.) He’s blowing off curfew.
C.) He’s dead.

Now, each of these is a bit extreme. When he arrives home, you find out that he ran out of gas and his cell phone battery was dead, and you feel a little silly.

The same thing happens in the workplace.

When someone walks right by you without giving you a warm fuzzy, you may assume:

A.) She is angry at you because you told the boss she missed a deadline.
B.) She is planning to get you fired!
C.) She hates you, she’s always hated you, and she’s running a campaign in the lunchroom to get everyone else to hate you.

In reality, you may find out in fact, she was late for a meeting and you flatter yourself—she wasn’t thinking of you at all!

Obviously making up the worst in your mind is not only destructive to your own sanity, but very counterproductive for your team.

Instead, practice reverse paranoia. Assume everyone loves you and is there to support you every day. IF there is a pattern to the contrary, deal with facts and approach that relationship issue head on.

Now, won’t THAT make you skip and hop a little every day?

Have a great Monday!


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