NONE of Your Business

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ That’s none of your business! Accepting constructive criticism is a trait of successful people. Listening to petty criticism, on the other hand, can destroy your self-esteem.

The more successful you become, the more you will attract insecure criticizers who don’t feel good about themselves and therefore, want to take away from your greatness.

Here’s the good news. Their view of you is none of your business. It may not even have a thing to do with you.

IF you know your intentions are good and you’re operating off of enlightened values, plow ahead regardless of the opinions of others. Great people will always be met with plenty who want attack and hurt. If you stop for a minute to listen to it, you will be thrown off your vision of greatness.

So don’t forget that their opinion of you is really NONE of your business.

Plow ahead and keep on keeping on.

Have a great Monday!


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