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Thank God it’s Monday!™ Stop. Stop everything. And think about the last 24 hours. Think of every situation you encountered at work, and at home, and ask yourself if you, at each of those encounters, complained when there was a problem or if you advanced the situation by experiencing it as an opportunity and using advancing language.

Yes, it is natural to complain. It certainly is easier. It takes the burden off you and makes you the undeniable victim.

But, victims are rarely victorious.

If you want to achieve, you must reverse that “easy” pattern of being a complainer and instead ask yourself if all of your language is advancing the situation.

Instead of saying, “those people in accounting sure do muck things up” what if you instead called accounting when there was an error and explained how it needs to be fixed and how important it is that they don’t make that error again.

Next time there is a “problem,” call it an opportunity. Then, march into your boss’s office and say, “Mark, I see an opportunity to fix something. I noticed X is wrong with Z, and I think either A, B or C would fix it. After considering, I’d recommend C for these reasons. Can I begin to assist
in implementing C?”

By using advancing language, you will be stand out as a superstar in no time flat. When would NOW be a good time to start using advancing language?

Have a great Monday!


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