Can’t Fight City Hall

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ You can’t fight city hall. Maybe you SHOULD fight city hall. But, there are some fights not worth fighting.

Earl Nightingale said that 85 percent of people who are dismissed from their jobs are fired because they can’t get along with other people.

Getting along means accepting people for who they are. Yes, Joe is arrogant. Yes, Julie is self-consumed. And sure enough, Tom is a perfectionist. All that can be true.

Know that you can ASK other people for other behaviors, but you may have to accept that some people, not you of course, aren’t perfect.

Fixing the blame is a futile process. Fixing the relationship is ALL important.

All people have strengths and weaknesses and if the weaknesses don’t violate the core values of your organization, create chaos or bad client experiences, or disrupt due to lack of appropriate professionalism, you may just need to breathe deeply and navigate around those flaws.

Fight fights worth fighting and find the joy in celebrating the good things your teammates bring to the team.

Have a great Monday!


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