Have You Been Beating up the Boss?

* Transcription

Thank God it’s Monday!™ I just read the statistic from Marshall Goldsmith, PhD in Organizational Behavior, that the average employee spends 15 hours each week complaining about his or her boss. Unbelievable! He thought it was unbelievable too, so he did his own research, looked it up, and found it to be TRUE!

So here’s a thought. Perhaps those same people could re-channel those 15 hours to something

Let’s hope THOSE people don’t include YOU. Think about it. Your boss KNOWS if you’re boss bashing. At some level, she really does know. Don’t kid yourself. AND, people who listen to you know you can’t be trusted because you’ll bash them. That’s not cool.

But worst of all, you’re cheating you! You will NEVER have a perfect boss. In fact, you certainly won’t make it to boss status because your unkind approach to conflict resolution isn’t going to work.

So why not start today by asking your boss for what you need and leaving others out of it? You’ll flatter him by showing you care. AND, you’ll be amazed how much better your job and life will go.

Have a great Monday!


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