Watch Your Mouth

* Transcription

Thank God it’s Monday!™ You perhaps have heard the saying, “Big minds talk about ideas, normal minds talk about news, and small minds talk about others.”

What comes out of your mouth is revealing of your outlook of the world and speaks more about you than it does about the situation you’re describing.

Here’s an alarming statistic. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, who specializes in organizational behavior, didn’t believe the statistic that 65% of conversations in the workplace are about two things, “People talking about how smart, special, and wonderful they are (or listening to someone else brag in that way about them self), or people talking about how stupid, inept, or bad someone else is.

He thought it seemed outrageous, so he challenged the study and conducted his own… well, 65% was dead on.

How quickly do you think you will stand out as an extraordinary human when you focus your conversations on ideas and leave the petty conversations for others?

Have a great Monday!


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