Your Vulnerability is Your Strength

* Transcription

Thank God it’s Monday!™ Being a human can be a little rough some times. In our minds, we want to be perfect. Then, we find out, SURPRISE, we’re not. Dang. When we make that discovery, we immediately begin to beat ourselves up. But that lowers our self-esteem causing us to, well, mess up even more. And now the downward spiral is in place and the suck hole owns our self-esteem.

How do you break the pattern? How do you get your self-esteem back when you discover that you really aren’t that organized and that sometimes your ideas aren’t that perfect?

By getting real. Simply telling the people around you, “Hey, I’m working hard on getting
organized and sometimes, in the past, I know I’ve been a bit of a train wreck. Know that I’m working on it and I’m coachable if you have advice that could help me.”

Bam! Just one authentic conversation and suddenly two really great things will happen. First, people will stop beating you up for being such a mess AND they’ll step in to help. More important, you’ll feel better about you because you’ve been authentic and put the truth out there.

Have a great Monday!


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