What’s Your E.Q.?

* Transcription

Thank God it’s Monday!™ I.Q. has a correlation to success in the workplace, but E.Q., short for emotional intelligence, trumps it every time.

Emotional intelligence is the come from. Are you skewed in how you see people whereby you either assume the best in people who don’t intend to give you’re their best, or do you usually assume the worst, which is far below what the person would really deliver? When things go wrong, is there carnage everywhere around you? Or are you unwilling to say something because your need to be liked trumps your sanity and dignity?

And how’s your thinking? Do you get caught up in your underwear and over think everything, or are you constantly pulling the trigger without understanding the distinctions you should.

How about your self-view? If your self-view is low, you are crushed by feedback and therefore can’t learn from it because people will tip toe around you. If it is too high, you’ll hear the feedback and proceed on because you’ll assume the person giving it is just plain wrong…thank you very much. Incidentally, the emperor’s buttocks were in clear view.

These are just a few areas of emotional intelligence, but you can see how valuable this is to understand about yourself. If you understand, you can put guard rails around you to protect yourself from your most likely moves that could get you in trouble.

Decide to open the hood on your operating system, your emotional intelligence, and watch your life get saner and your results come through.

Have a great Monday!


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