Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ One of the best ways to improve your happiness is to decide to move to a state of gratitude. That’s right. Appreciate what you have, every day. I know, I know, you have college tuition payments coming and you’re short, you have a boss who is asking more than is humanly possible, and you don’t have a clue how to keep it all together.

Well, breathe and begin to appreciate what you have. You have a job. You have a boss who cares enough to coach you. You have two arms and two legs that function. Your heart is beating and your white blood cells are working to keep you alive. You get the point.

There is always so much to appreciate, so be in a state of gratitude.

Start by approaching five people in your workplace and letting them know what you appreciate about them. I guarantee you will feel closer to them and enjoy them more just by having done this experience.

Gratitude changes results, so step on up and indulge by wildly giving gratitude.

Have a great Monday!


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