Change Your Perception

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ The very thought drives you crazy—your neighbor buys a new shiny motorcycle, and suddenly the kids don’t think your dirt bike is quite as appealing. You’ve spent months looking for the right home—and when you finally find it, it’s off the market. You’re frantically running out the door, late for a meeting, only to find that you’ve left the lights on—and the car battery is dead!

Life is all about unforeseen experience—some good, and some bad.

But who has the power to make this assessment, casually labeling and sorting life into two simple categories, changing perception and understanding? YOU do!

So the neighbor’s new motorcycle steals your thunder? So be it. I mean, you’re riding a dirt bike. Maybe you have more in common with George than you’d thought. What an opportunity!

Your dream home is gone… well isn’t that funny, and not too dissimilar from the neighbor’s new motorcycle— a better one exists out there. Now you have the opportunity to go and find it!

Imagine if you treated your life this way. Every hurdle. Every annoyance. Every routine task.

Treat every experience as if it were the best thing that could ever happen to you, and create a great Monday!

Have a great Monday!


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