Plug In

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ Ever walk into a store or office building and notice that something just feels right? The clerks greet you with a warm and welcoming smile. The grocer asks you more than just, “Paper or plastic?” And it seems that each and every employee is the furthest thing from counting the hours until 5 o’clock. You literally leave feeling invigorated.

I’m sure you’ve also experienced environments that simply suck you dry and leave you lifeless, devoid of energy.

The good news is that every day you have the choice of whether or not to join the party. You’ve seen firsthand how energy is contagious, so radiate your good energy at work and spread it to others! Plug in. Turn your workplace into an energy-spreading environment that everyone will recognize.

Have a great Monday!


Roxanne Emmerich’s Thank God It’s Monday! How to Create a Workplace You and Your Customers Love climbed to #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list and made the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists—all in the first week of its release. Roxanne is renowned for her ability to transform “ho-hum” workplaces into dynamic, results-oriented, “bring-it-on” cultures. If you are not currently receiving the Thank God It’s Monday e-zine and weekly audios, subscribe today at

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