Renegotiate Before the Breakdown

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ It’s a busy day in the office. John just set a mountain of papers on your desk and you agreed to look over them. You told Gary that you’d have the report to him by mid-afternoon, and… well, you haven’t started. Then to add to the load, you’re a million emails behind.

By the looks of it, there are three directions you can take. Most easily, you can give up. Make no attempt, because these tasks are so overwhelming. Alternatively, you can work. And by work I mean in-the-zone, can’t-stop-me type work.

So you step up and choose the second option, but nonetheless realize that you physically cannot bring these projects to completion. So you go the third route: renegotiate before you miss the deadline.

It is all about living your word and maintaining a clear and direct line of communication. Approach the person who assigned the task and propose an alternative deadline. Having done all that you can do, chances are that they will be fine with the change.

It’s not missing the deadline that typically puts people on edge—though repeatedly doing so is a huge issue. Rather, it is the surprise of a missed deadline that is troublesome. Keep your integrity and live your word by renegotiating before the breakdown.

Have a great Monday!


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