Clarify Up Front

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ Have you ever spent long and laborious hours on a project, only to turn it in for approval and find out you went about it all wrong?

Well, we’ve all been there. But you must learn to navigate around this. Perhaps you forgot to ask for the conditions of satisfaction.

If Joe delegates a task to Bob, prior to committing ample and potentially wasted time to this task, Bob will get approval from Joe along the way, clarifying that the work he has completed so far falls in line with Joe’s conditions of satisfaction.

It’s a great system. Only after receiving the go ahead will Bob really go forward with the task. Bottom line—it’s quite a bit less strenuous to turn back when you’re a block down the road to clarify the conditions of satisfaction versus at your destination.

Implement this strategy, focus on the outcome and create a great Monday!


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