Spice It Up!

Stuck in a rut? We’ve all been there.

You wake up and eat the same thing, tasteless but sustainable. You walk into the office, casually greet the same people, and continue on, hardly listening to what your coworkers have to say.

You work all day at the usual tasks. You go home. Fix dinner. Eat dinner. Watch TV. Go to bed. Then you wake up and do it all again.

Routines keep us grounded to a certain extent. There is comfort in having a sense of your life’s direction—even if that direction is circular. But it can also become a soul-deadening treadmill.

But why not spice things up? You don’t have to changes jobs or move to New Zealand to get out of that rut. Recognize that a lot of your routine is a matter of daily choice. You have a dozen options for breakfast, but you choose the same thing as yesterday because it’s easy and familiar. That’s fine, until it’s not, at which point it’s time to mix it up.

When you walk into the office, instead of dully saying, “Morning, Bob,” like you have a thousand times, throw him a high five. Heck, make it a behind-the-back high five!

Instead of reading the paper during your lunch break, like you have a thousand times, grab Chris, the new guy that you haven’t spent much time with. Chat him up a bit!

Take a new route home. Listen to a different radio station. Go out for dinner to a restaurant you’ve never been to before.

You’ll be amazed at the shift in attitude these simple changes can make.

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