Keeping Millennials on board

So you have mixed feelings about all the new Millennial generation employees around you. Hey, join the crowd. There’s plenty of talk about a lack of focus and commitment in these folks and whether they should even be hired in the first place.

Here’s a wake-up call: Unless your company can survive a generation-wide hole in the workforce (psst: it can’t), they WILL be hired. In fact, by 2025, those born between 1980 and 2000 will make up 75 percent of the workforce. For every one of us, there will be three of them!

Learning how to keep Millennials engaged and productive should be a top priority not only for managers but for the colleagues of these younger employees. It won’t always be easy. No generation has ever been as willing to jump ship for better wages or working conditions. When that happens, it’s hard on everyone.

It’s true that some Millennials want to be paid for doing nothing, but every generation has some of those, especially when they are young. But far from being lazy, the best of the Millennials are actually MORE likely to stay if they have challenging and meaningful work assignments that hold their interest.

So when you’re on a project with younger coworkers, don’t assume they can only handle the more routine tasks, and be sure to ask their opinions when you can. You might be surprised at what you get.

And don’t forget the importance of a little positive feedback once in a while. It can mean even more coming from you than from the boss.

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  1. Dla ciekawoÅ›ci przeczytaÅ‚em forum „oszukanych” prze Hyatt. Pan Jura dokonuje tam cudów perswazji, żeby pohamować ludzi przed skÅ‚adaniem zawiadomieÅ„ o popeÅ‚nionym przestÄ™pstwie. Jest tam wszystko, podlane sosem ezoterycznym i mistycznym. Tak siÄ™ zastanawiam, co nie wypaliÅ‚o, kasa przecież wpÅ‚ynęła. GraÅ‚ tymi pieniÄ™dzmi? PrzejebaÅ‚? UkryÅ‚ gdzieÅ› i chce spadać – akurat tak mi siÄ™ nie wydaje. Ciekawe

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