Make the Choice to Engage

As if we needed any more evidence of the problem, a study by Dale Carnegie Training shows that only 23% of non-management workers are engaged in their jobs.

69% of the disengaged employees said they would leave their current job if someone else offered just a 5% pay increase, and disengaged employees overall are more than twice as likely to leave than engaged employees for any increase in pay.

If you are in that number—and statistically, you probably are—don’t wait for someone else to wave a wand and fix your engagement. This is a do-it-yourself job.

We’ve all known people who can walk out into a breathtaking sunny day and see nothing but skin cancer in it. Or walk into a room filled with colorful butterflies and focus on the black moth. Hopefully you’ve also known plenty who can see three weeks of drizzle from the lawn’s point of view. In both cases, the person’s attitude will have taken the mere data of the weather and interpret it.

All experience passes through the prism of your attitude. Make the choice to see the good, and watch what happens to your life and the effect you have on those around you.

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