Get Serious About Getting Away

Back in the old days, a vacation was really a vacation. Nobody stayed in touch with the office because you couldn’t.

Now it’s easy to stay in touch—which also means it’s hard NOT to. Your office follows you everywhere. A glance at your phone or a click on your laptop puts you right back in your office chair.

Worst of all, the folks back in the office know this, so the emails and texts and calls keep coming.

The research on this is conclusive: The failure to truly get away from work is killing your productivity AND your health.

So it’s time to draw a line in the sand. Before you leave for your next vacation, make it clear that you are gone, gone, gone. Designate someone to answer all questions for you, and if possible, forward your email so it doesn’t pile up. Leave your laptop at home and tell your wife or husband to be a pest whenever you look at your cell phone. If you MUST check in, let them know the limited time that will be and what are the only topics that get covered at that time.

When you get back, your productivity and your mental and physical health will thank you.

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