Be On Time For Real

Some people play a game with punctuality. They think they can arrive late at a meeting as long as they have a good story, or text ahead to say they’re running late, or just come in looking flustered and apologizing.

You probably have someone in mind right now—someone who can be counted on to be late. In other words, you can count on NOT counting on them.

And that’s not just about meeting times, of course. That’s the last person you would trust with an important project, or to meet with an important client, or to do anything…important.

Starting now, make up your mind to be the opposite of that person. Be the one who can be counted on to arrive two minutes early. Just TWO MINUTES. It takes a small dose of discipline, and the payoff is huge. Others will begin to see you as focused, reliable, and respectful of the time of others.

And they’ll be right!

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