Time To Resign From The Griper’s Club

Employees complain. It’s a fact of business life, a way that people blow off steam. So you would think it would be all okay. Right?

But wait a minute. Go back and look at the posting. Did it say, “Can find all things wrong with management and the company and complain to those who can’t do a thing about it?

Not likely.

You were hired to solve the problems. So your membership in the Griper’s Club expires now.

Years ago, I had a great manager. He was brilliant. Cared about us. He just had one flaw. He often blamed “corporate.”

A few years after I left, this high-performing manager was fired. Why? Because he was complaining instead of moving ahead the situation.

Step up to bring solutions and sign up to help implement. THAT is what every job everywhere requires.

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