Deciding to like it

A lot of people have decided not to like their jobs. They wouldn’t put it that way, of course. They think of their job like the weather. It’s something that happens to them, and all they can do is complain.

It’s actually more like a thermostat. How silly would it be to sit in your living room day after day complaining about how darn hot it is in here when there’s a little box on the wall that can fix the problem!

Job satisfaction is like that thermostat. Make the decision to turn up your job satisfaction, and guess what? Your job satisfaction goes up.

That doesn’t mean the things that annoyed you simply went away. It’s like marriage. The flaws will always be there, but you make a choice whether to focus on those flaws or to focus on the good things.

The same thing happens at work: There is no perfect job, no perfect boss, no perfect coworkers or products or systems. But there is one perfect thing: If you decide to like something, your day will go along much better and brighter.

Don’t try to turn it around on a dime. Take it one day at a time. Every morning, ask yourself…and demand an answer, “What three things about work am I grateful for today?”
And for goodness sakes, stop complaining to others about your job—that’s part of the pattern whereby you’re simply displaying your inability to turn your job into one that you love. Turn your job into one you love!

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