Effective meetings

Have you ever had a meeting that went on twice as long as you wanted and STILL left you feeling more confused about the project than you did coming in?

Time is money. If you want to know how MUCH money, add up the hourly salaries of everyone in the room, plus, the real cost is the value of the work they’re not doing during that time which should exceed the cost of the salaries by five to ten times assuming someone is relatively productive—which they should be.

In short, it’s crazy expensive to have a meeting.

To make sure your meetings accomplishes its goal, ask your team leader to follow these three steps:

• ONE: Start on time no matter what. If someone is late, call them on it, every time, on the spot.
• TWO: Have an actionable agenda that clearly defines decisions to be made—the notes on that agenda will show the decision, who’s responsible, and deadlines.
• THREE: Assign a leader to keep the meeting moving, a strict timekeeper, and a note taker who records all decisions and assignments. Having a “chart person” who stands up to record every decision has an amazing impact on moving the meeting along.

It’s really just that easy. Follow this simple formula and transform your meetings.

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