Author Sam Parker knows the power of kindness for business. A company in which employees take action to make things better for each other and for their customers is a company that works. It’s a company that ends up with a healthy and productive culture. And that means profit.

He calls it the Smile & Move principle.

It’s about going above and beyond to find ways to make a bigger difference for teammates, bosses, and customers, to practice random acts of kindness.

As a bonus, nothing boosts your own self-esteem as much as doing kind things for other people.

Our day is full of choices. Every time something doesn’t go right, you have a kind way and an unkind way to handle it. Your character is revealed by how you make those choices, time after time. Choose kindness. It costs you nothing, and in fact, those around you are more likely to reciprocate when you make the kind choice.

Everybody wins!

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