What if you could reinvent your results?


We all get into ruts, don’t we?
I do. And because we keep doing things the way we’ve always been doing it, we tend to get results that are maybe 2% better or 5% better than they were the year before. What if you reinvented your results? What if you sat down today and asked yourself, “How could I double my performance in the next quarter?” Really, think about that. In fact, go block a half hour right now, or sometime in the next day, and ask yourself that question. I know, even take this home at night. Figure this out. This is important.

What would you need to do and who would you have to be in order to create that kind of results change? Write it down and put an action plan behind it. Then build it into your monthly plan, your weekly plan, your daily plan because immediate habits and actions create the result. But do take that half hour. It will be one of the best half hours you will invest in yourself in this year, I promise you.

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