Have you taken care of your team?


What if, tomorrow, you got hit by a truck? No, I really hope that doesn’t happen to you. That’d be bad. But my question for you is, have you taken care of your team? You see, if you were gone tomorrow, could someone step in, see your daily checklist, your weekly checklist, your monthly checklist, your quarterly checklist, and see for each item on the checklist where exactly your procedure is? Is it right there on your desk, available for someone else to be able to replicate the results you get without going, “Gosh, they left us in a mess?”

You see, it’s your job to make sure that you always have the ability for someone else to step in, because you don’t have a job, you have responsibilities. If you’re on vacation or you catch the flu and you’re out for the day, well guess what? The party goes on. And your team needs that to be handled. So we all have lots of hats. Take one hat at a time and write it up. What’s your daily? What’s your weekly? What’s your quarterly checklist? And for each checklist item, what is it that are the procedures within it, and how do you define exactly where to look? Make it a connect-the-dot experience so that anybody can walk in and successfully do that job.

Don’t be that kind of person that says, “Then they wouldn’t need me.” I’ll guarantee you this. They don’t need you now if you think that way, because you’re thinking in scarcity. Think of abundance. By writing this up, you can advance yourself and be promotable. Be that kind of person who brings extreme value by making sure your team is taken care of. I promise you, you have a very, very bright future.

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