How to play the game


How do you play the game?
What if today you, YOU, were a 100% responsible for all the outcomes of the business? You’d have to play the game a little bit differently. You couldn’t say, “Accounting didn’t give me what I needed” or “Sales didn’t make that happen.” You’d have to instead call up accounting and say, “Hey, I need this. How can we do this differently?” Or to sales, “I have an idea about how to better hit the number.” Wouldn’t that be an interesting way to live? By coming with love in your heart and a commitment for outstanding results for your entire team, I promise you, you will be well received and people will really love the fact that you’re playing that game. What if everyone played that game? Wouldn’t that be a great place to work? You see, the number one thing that makes a work place great is the feeling of progress. What if you were the one? I mean you, not that person next to you. What if you were the one? Play the game today as if, see what happens. Can’t wait to hear tomorrow how it went.

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