Become a Problem Solver


Did you answer the ad that said, “Looking for a potential new employee who can find everything wrong with the company, point it out to anybody who can’t do something about it and complain incessantly about how much they don’t like being at that place.”? Yeah, I don’t think so. And yet, when you look at Galve’s research, over 87% of people think they responded to that ad because that’s how they’re playing the game, but here’s the thing-if you’re living that way, you’re living in a small fraction of your potential. There’s so much more in you when you start bringing positiveness to the game. You see, if you have a business, you got problems so you need to understand how can you bring solutions instead.

What if, from now on whenever you saw something that was wrong, you went only to someone who could fix it with a solution and said, “Here’s the situation. Here’s the information. Here’s my recommendation.”? What if you became that person that decided you were really responding to the ad that said, “Looking for someone who can move needles, hit deadlines and find things that are wrong in the organization and fix them.”? You see, that’s why jobs exist. And so don’t be confused by thinking that you responded to the first ad because I promise you a huge career breakthrough when you shift to being the person who looks for ways to help and fixes whatever it is to make everything better immediately.

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