Look for the good in people


Have you heard the famous quote, “We see the world not as it is, but how we are.”? Yeah. That’s a good one, isn’t it? And I’ve found it to be true.

You see, people who are constantly looking for the good things in people—guess what? They find the good things. People who are thinking that we live in a world of possibilities and that there’s huge potential to grow the business, they find the prospects. They get the additional business because they see the world that way.

Or, perhaps you know the people who see the world as hard and difficult, and filled with scarcity. It’s amazing how we live out our worldview. What if you lived in a world of possibilities? From now on, whenever you see an opportunity you go, “How could I go create a miracle in this area?” I know I can. Now it’s just, how can I?

Living from a place of abundance and possibility, and being the kind of person who is powerful to go create it is a whole different world to you, and it’s a fun place to play. Try it on. See how it works for you. I guarantee you whatever you’re doing right now, you can double your results fast, just by putting yourself in the place of asking the question, “How could I make another miracle happen?” Enjoy your miracles.

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  1. Eric says:

    I’ve always lived by this, and it is something my family has always tried to see and embrace. Coming from a farming family everything is a possibility. Needing to fix the fence? It’s the opportunity to make it better! Need to plant the field? It’s the opportunity to make something grow, and feed families beyond your own!

    The important part though, is that I have never heard/seen it explained like this! Well done!

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