Do you ever give an excuse?


Do you ever give an excuse? I hope not, but I think we all do occasionally. But you can never have results and excuses at the same time. You see, you either have one or the other. Here’s the thing, our life is about results. That’s the whole thing. And no one wants to hear your excuses because they keep you limited.

When you fulfill on your promises and you hit your deadlines and your outcomes, people see you as a person of great character. Now you’re going to hit some obstacles, so don’t give an excuse prior to. Instead, ask questions to make sure that you know exactly how to go get your results and be a puppy dog with a sock in your mouth to go after making sure that you get those results every time.

But above all else, no excuses. Commitment for the week? No excuses this week. Try it on. Experiment. See what happens in your life. It’s going to be fun because I promise you, results will come at you so fast and it’ll be fun. Enjoy this week.

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