Why some people run twice as fast as others


Why is it that some people can run twice as fast as another person? You know, there’s a couple things there. It’s a mindset issue and it’s a skill set issue. You see, fast runners weren’t born knowing how to run fast. They figured it out. They practiced. They studied. They learned, but they also had an impenetrable mindset that said, “I’m going to learn how to do that better.” What if you brought that mentality to your job and you asked yourself, “How can I run twice as fast? How can I get twice the performance? How can I hit my deadlines in half of the time? How can I be the kind of person that creates results where I say, ‘Wow’,” because it’s nice to hear your teammates and your supervisors say, “Wow,” but the ultimate wow is the one you give yourself.

You’re the one that you want to please. When you walk out that door at night, make sure that as you walk out, you’re saying, “Wow. I kicked butt and took some names today and it was fun.” Create massive results. There’s nothing more fun than creating and being the kind of person that you are when you live with power.

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