Do you see the world as easy or hard?


Do you see the world as easy or hard? It’s going to make a difference in your results. You see, I grew up on a dairy farm. We milked cows. We came home from school and had chores that would go until late evening. We worked all through the summers, through the heat. It was hard, hard, hard work. So now, when I’m working in an office and somebody asks me to do something, I think, “That’ll be easy,” because in contrast, I haven’t worked a day in my life since I got off the dairy farm. You see, it’s how you perceive the world, whether it’s hard or easy, that will make it either hard or easy. Our worldview shapes our results.

So I’ll never forget a time when a friend of mine taught me this. She said, “Every time someone asks you to do something, ask yourself this, What would I do after I hit the easy button?” Brilliant! You see, all of us can ask ourselves, “Instead of complicating this in my head and instead of feeling burdened by something, what if I interpreted this as being in the flow, and creating the results, and making it happen?”

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