How to develop extreme focus


What if you brought extreme focus to what you did? You see, I recently read a study that showed that people who have their cellphones on at work are 37% less productive. 37% less productive! That’s a lot. The problem is you cannot be a servant to two masters. When you’re at work, guess what? All in for work. But not only that, all in for the few things that matter and rapid completion of things. That’s focus.

Now, we live in a world where, oop, a shiny thing, oop, a squirrel. That’s the world we live in. It’s a distracting world, and yet you need to figure out how can you bring more focus to the few things that matter. Your ability to focus is so predictive of your ability to be successful at what you do in whatever you do.

Create systems immediately for how you will keep yourself focused on those few things that really matter and stay away from the squirrels. Yes?

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