Make Yourself Replaceable



If you’re not there tomorrow, can your team function completely without you and make sure that all your responsibilities are managed? You see, you don’t have a job, you have responsibilities. So it should go on whether or not you are there.

My very first boss that made it very clear to me, if you’re ever needing to be replaced on a day when you’re not available, we better be able to do everything you can do, and you better have the procedures and checklists ready such that we can do the job.

Now some people think, “Well, if I do that then I don’t have job security.” Guess what? If you don’t do it, you don’t have job security. Because you have put your team at great risk. And, guess what? They’re going to notice the first time you go on vacation or have a sick day, that you are not looking out for the team.

So today, take time, write out your procedures, write out your checklists so anyone can step in, and I promise you, good things will come as a result of the fact that you’re taking care of your team.

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