Come from a Place of Giving



Do you wake up on Monday and say, “Thank God it’s Monday?” I hope so. And if you haven’t been, I think I have the magic formula to turn that around.

No, it doesn’t mean looking for a different job. It means making this job rock. And the way to do that is to come from a generous spirit. To ask yourself, how can I add more value today? How can I make a bigger impact? How can I delight people in such a way that their world is so much better?

You see, when we come from a generous spirit, and we come from that place of “How can I be of great service?” we start to love our job.

I hope that you get to say Thank God it’s Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and you know what, you can even say Thank God it’s Friday because there’s only three days left until Monday. Because when you’re of contribution, you can’t wait to get going.

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