One and Dones


Have you ever gone to your supervisor and say, “Boss I have this great idea”? Well that’s an okay thing to do but when you only have the one idea as opposed to, “Hey boss, there’s a new outcome we’re trying to create”, there’s three different possibilities here. “I’ve looked at all three and I’ve determined that the things that are most important happen to be a and b. When I compared the three of them together, narrowed it down to these two. This one has this option and this one does not have this option.

Based upon that, I’m going to recommend option b”. You see when you give options, you have the ability for someone to be able to say, “Sounds great”. When you come with a one and done as opposed here’s the one thing, the first thing they’ll do is send you back out the door to go do your research. Don’t walk in with any one and dones, be prepared with having done the critical thinking so that when you present that you can get a decision and know it’s a good decision.

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