Measure Leading and Lagging Indicator


Have you notice you can’t do a thing about history? History’s over, but you do have the potential to manage your future.

Many people look at their… what I’ll call lagging indicators. What just happened? What numbers did I just hit? As opposed to the precursor indicators that will move the needles so that you have good lagging indicators.

I need you to think about your job. What are your leading indicators and what are your lagging indicators? Your leading indicators are what are the things that you do that create these numbers that most matter that show success in your job? Because by managing both of those, you now will transform your performance, because when your focus is on both of those numbers and how to move those, you’re going to not only have a great now, but you’ll have a great future as well.

Focus in on leading and lagging and decide to stay focused to what matters.

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