See Yourself as Healthy



I have friends who are 83 years old who fly to other countries, land and do full-day high-energy seminars. I also see people at our local independent living facility that I go to often who seem to relish in their aches and pains and “accept” that their productive life is virtually over.

Here are a few tips to keep you healthy and functioning regardless of your age.

  • Don’t talk about your ailments—those conversations are usually crafted get a little sympathy—but instead it gets you labeled as a complainer.
  • Also, stop worrying about being ill. The mind is a powerful instrument that tends to give us what we expect and spend the most time thinking about. Illness comes from three things—improper nutrition, inadequate exercise and mindset. Get on top of all three.
  • Lastly, be grateful for what you have. It is proven that gratitude actually lengthens telomers in your cells and longer telomers extend life. Start and end each day with thinking of three things you are grateful for.

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