Commitment to Internal Customer Service



Guy Kawasaki, in his book Enchantment, says that when your supervisor asks for something, get it to him or her immediately. Often leaders are so busy that if they don’t receive something right away, they move ahead to the next project and are disappointed in your performance if you don’t produce a result immediately.

He makes perfect sense. But we also want make sure that we provide excellent customer service to all our “internal customers.” Think of it this way, of a sales or service team member makes a promise to get back to a customer but needs information from an operations person to make that commitment, the operations person must deliver on good internal customer for good external customer service to come to fruition.

The next time an internal team members asks you for something, simply say, “I’d be delighted to help with that.” And then find out when they need it by and what the conditions of satisfaction are so you can nail your delivery ahead of time.

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