Create Your Best Day Ever



Isn’t it interesting that we accept the normalized statement, “Have a great day.” We don’t “have” great days without being at cause. We CREATE great days.

We create great days by focusing on what matters. By seeing things as perfect as they are.

Perhaps in your one on one, you received some coaching that something that you do isn’t optimal. If you are living by the “have a great day” philosophy, now you’re bummed. How can you have a great day—you’ve just been told you aren’t doing your work perfectly.

Here’s a news flash—you’ll never do your job perfectly. Your leader is simply showing you a way to do the job better because they care about your progress.

If instead you receive the feedback and think, “This is awesome—I now know how to do my job better. I’m going to use that feedback right away today,” then you’re creating a great day, aren’t you?

If your world view is that the world is filled with bad things an bad people, you will likely not have many great days. If you see the world as a positive place filled with opportunities to better it, you will have great days.

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