What’s Your Filter



Every person has a filter. The filter through which we take information in. It’s how we hear different things.

So, for instance, if a college professor gives back three papers and writes “interesting” on the top of those three papers, one student receives the paper and says, “Wow! He must love my paper!” Somebody else goes, “Interesting. What does that mean? I better explore that.” And someone else says, “Oh my gosh! I’m going to flunk! I knew he hated me!”

They received the same feedback, but there are three different interpretations.

What is your listening filter?

You see, if you have a healthy filter that says, “The world is supportive of me, and I’m going to inquire more when I don’t understand,” that’s a healthy filter.

If you have a worldview and a filter that basically thinks that the world is against you, nobody trusts you, nobody believes in you, nobody appreciates you, you will hear everything in that way! Wherever you go! At work, and at home.

So, be very conscious of your filter because your filter is basically how you take in information and if you have a filter that is not serving you well, you’re not going to be happy in any of your circumstances, and you won’t be successful in those circumstances.

So, clean your filter, and find new, productive ways to listen—assuming the best in others!

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  1. Laura Byrge VP says:

    Love this communication! I just shared this same concept with one of my daughters over the week-end!! This is a must in today’s working world more than ever!

  2. This is sooooo true. Excellent advice for all of us.

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