Re-invent Yourself



What if next quarter, you are 20 percent more effective than you are this quarter? And the quarter after that? 20 percent again. And the quarter after THAT? 20 percent again!

It’s possible! People do it every day! Not many people—but if some people can do it, YOU can do it!

You see, the reality is, everyone at the end of the year says, “Hey boss, I’d love a raise!” But the reality is, unless you’ve created better performance, there’s really no extra money created from what you’re doing for that to happen.

But you can create anything! You can create an opportunity to be in a different department, to move up within the organization, to learn new skill sets, and to master the skill sets that you have. All of that is a re-creation.

There’s only one person who really gets to decide who you’re going to create from YOUR world, and that’s you.

So, re-create yourself in the best possible way, and see what’s possible for you.

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