Demonstrate Commitment




If you look at the national research that Gallup does every year on disengaged employees, you’ll note that most people are disengaged from the workplace. Over 70 percent really are not committed to their organization and are not committed to great results.

Well, you have to ask yourself, “Why is that?” Is it because the employers are wrong? Or is it because the team members aren’t saying, “How do I make this great?” “How do I step in?” “How do I add value?”

You see, sometimes you can create in your life a commitment where, wherever you are, you love it! Everything you do is the best thing ever! Why? Because you are stepping all in!

You see, there are some people who kind of dabble. They have their toes kind of in the pool a little bit and there are some people that go right in the pool.

Are you on the playing field or are you watching the game?

Demonstrate commitment of what you do, and when your supervisors and your team members and your clientele sees the impact of you, you have an unstoppable future!

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