Decide to Have Fun Every Day




Work is not something you think about as being fun. Let’s face it: If it were a hysterical amount of fun every day, you’d probably be paying an admission fee, calling it Disney, and wearing little mouse ears on your head.

So, work is still work. But you can MAKE it fun. Winning is fun. Making an impact on customers is fun. Developing relationships with team members is fun. But those things don’t just happen, you have to make it happen!

If you’re not the kind of person that sets the intention to create fun in your workplace, I promise you, you’re not having any fun. You’ll see it sometimes with your peers. When they don’t like one job, they move on to the next one. Then they don’t like that job, and they move to the next one.

They always seem to have the same reason they move from job to job. Again, it goes back to Carl Jung’s projection: We don’t like in others what we don’t like within ourselves.

If you decide to make work great and you put your heart all in, I promise you that you will love what you do every day.

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