You see, every day people are sharing their opinions, ideas, and facts, but there are some people who tune it out because they have an attitude of “I know, I got that.” And when you have that, “I know, I got that,” you miss the nuance and you miss the deeper level meaning of what’s really intended.

And so, when you allow yourself to listen as if you are going to learn something very powerful, and not come from a place of “I know, that I know, that I know,” you’ll open yourself up to some better distinctions and understandings that allow for better success.

If you allow yourself to ask questions, be curious, and listen like you’ve never listened before to what’s being said, you’re going to hear some things that you may not have ever heard before. And maybe you DON’T know everything. Maybe there are other possibilities that allow for you to get there a whole lot easier.

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