Don’t Say What You Can’t Do




Please, don’t tell us what you can’t do. Tell us what you CAN do.

You see, simply by saying the “n’t” words, (“I can’t have those papers to you until Thursday,” “I won’t have that done for you,” “I can’t hit that deadline”) we start to perceive you as someone who doesn’t really care.

If instead, you say, “I CAN have those papers to you until Thursday” or “I WILL get that done” or “I’d be delighted to make that happen,” you can see the difference.

You see, your language basically tells people about your attitude. If you’re constantly bringing in the “n’t” words and saying what you can’t, won’t, and don’t do as opposed to what you’re committed to, people see you as someone who doesn’t care or isn’t effective at what they do. It also causes people not to trust you.

So, instead, tell us what you CAN do and negotiate for what’s possible and I promise you that people will perceive you a whole lot differently.

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