Hit Your Results Regardless of Circumstances




Would a recession keep you from having results? What about not having enough time? These are good reasons for why you can’t get something done, but the reality is that successful people hit their results regardless of circumstances.

You see, if there is a situation that happens and you still need to hit the outcome, there’s a place in between: What you can DO about it. Which means something has to change here and get better and more effective.

When you say, “I can’t hit this outcome because of the economy,” what you are basically saying is, “I am not at cause for really being here. I am just an instrument—a puppet being yanked around on its strings. I have no power. I have no control.”

Well, guess what? You DO have power. You DO have control. And when you create results REGARDLESS of circumstances, that makes you effective. When you’re effective, people notice, and you have a lot more fun doing what you’re doing.

So, be at cause to create results regardless of the circumstances.

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